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Every African-American Young lady in IndeedWeCode gets to dream big, imagine the impossible, shine bright, and be creative within the world of technology.

What is Coding?

Technology is a part of our everyday lives. As users, we rely on technology to help us do things quicker, easier, and more accurate. As a computer programmer or coder, a person has the ability to create software solutions. Technology will always evolve and new ideas will always be needed. Coding allows us to become more than consumers. We get a chance to use our imagination and “Dream the Invisible”, “See the Possible”, and be Innovative by “Creating the Tangible”. Learning to code allows us to have super powers that can change the world.

Distinctive Features

– Coding experience preview days that facilitate self-selection
– Exemplary instruction from culturally competent providers
– Mentorship from African American IT/STEM role models
– Parent advocacy: sustained support and positive reinforcement at home
– Partnerships: community and corporate support
– Distinguishing the “under served” from the “under privileged” 

Umbrellas of Opportunities Enables Participants to Become:

Spreading the good news 
about coding, IT and STEM.

Exhibiting self-awareness,
self-assurance, and self-pride
as self-employed entrepreneurs.

Peer Tutors
Each one, teaching one or two or ten!