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 Summer Experience 2015 

In June 2015, 19 lucky African American girls chose to become a part of the IndeedWeCode Coding Camp. Most of us didn't know what coding was before stepping into the Cleveland State University Library Computer Lab. Even though we were clueless, we were all excited. Throughout only two weeks, we were able to learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap with the help of instructors Lauren Holloway and Mel McGee of WeCanCodeIT. With those skills, we created two live websites for IndeedWeCode (IWC) and the Chalkdust Education Foundation (CEF), IndeedWeCode's primary sponsor. On presentation day, parents and advocates were blown away with what we managed to do with this limited amount of time. Over the course of two weeks, we not only worked hard to create two wonderful websites, but we also became a family. It feels so good to say that every one made at least one new friend via this camp. On top of that, we maintained perfect attendance the entire time. With that kind of dedication, I knew that IndeedWeCode had to continue and would not be just for one summer. As we like to say, "IndeedWeCode is more than an event, it's a movement."

- Corin Manning


We split up into groups to design two websites. One team was assigned to the IndeedWeCode website and the other worked on the Chalkdust Education Foundation website. We used the HTML, CSS and Bootstrap we just learned to complete these projects and pressent on the final day to parents, guardians, advocates, cheerleaders and sponsors.

Sponsors & Partners

  • Cleveland State University

  • At&T

  • WeCan{Code}IT

  • Friends of Chalkdust Education Foundation